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Translated lyrics (by Google Translate):
Volvo B18 - 210
(Jan Kolling, Mads Frederiksen / Jan Kolling)

We saw each other the first time at the beginning of the seventy
You were four, I was seven - had much to sku 'learned
Took a little walk in you, it was the back 'seat
To see what you really ku '- we gave it full gas

She is my Volvo B18 - 210
Two side mirrors and the teak on the 'back
160 kilometers - from the straight path
My Volvo B18 - uhhhhh I love you

We grew 'up, both you and me
Train trip to Saksild beach - you run 'the long road
And when we rolled 'back, we did a look over
idea down to Oddervej - filled 'for 110

She is my Volvo B18 - 210 ...

I have gi'et you many gifts
You deserve each and every one

Makeup for your undercarriage - my little øjesten
We will go hand in hand, from now until forever
I say it here, I've said it before ...
You are my love

She is my Volvo B18 - 210 ...

David Byrne asks "Any Questions?"...........We should have.........SO Many ! ! !
 122 Sedan makes cameo appearances.
  With gratitude to   William Carlos Williams

Busy Is Not An Excuse
by 'The Most Afflicted'

Rust dines
on my beloved,
dissolving dreams
of restoration

which you
may have
as well.

Please forgive
my many distractions
as true
and as bold.

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